PHARMACY PARTNERSCommunity Pharmacies:
20,000 Hidden Heroes

How BeeSmart Rx unlocks the potential of a powerful care network hidden in plain sight

The StartLocal Pharmacies
Started It All

At the dawn of modern pharmaceutical care, independent community pharmacists developed across the country. As every town grew, so too did their reliance on these local experts, serving their neighbors with compassion, care, and a vested interest in the health of their neighbors. From handshakes to milkshakes, they served the town with a personal touch and a variety of goods. They weren’t just a place for pills and serums – they were a place for communities to come together. 

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The PresentFrom People First
to Profit First

Through the years, some successful pharmacies grew into chains. Chains grew into corporations. Corporations turned profits into mass marketing. Automotive transit scaled, and wealthy corporations snagged the busiest commercial intersections. Customers shifted more business to fewer companies, which gained more power, and the cycle repeated. If this sounds familiar, it’s because it’s the evolution that’s happened in practically every American industry. But here’s the surprising part:

Community Pharmacies Are Still Here! 

While giant corporations dominated headlines, hoarded market share, and expanded their offerings, many community pharmacists held their ground. The latest data shows that more than 20,000 independent community pharmacies are still serving with compassion and care, in neighborhoods all across the country. 

Local FirstBetter. Faster. Cheaper?

You can probably already guess that small local pharmacies mean more personal care. But did you know they also have lower prices, faster fulfillment, and in most cases even free delivery? Without the costly overhead of a major chain, your independent local pharmacy gets to put all their resources into offering the most competitive service and pricing on the market. After all these years, your local pharmacist is still focused on YOU. 

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InformationWhy Haven’t I Heard About This?

You’ve probably never heard that you’re better off with your local pharmacy than their big chain rival. You may not have even known you had a local pharmacy. And that’s just what the major corporations want. From TV commercials, to mailers, to the signs you see on your way to work, the top pharmacies have done everything they can to make you think they’re your best option. And your local independent pharmacist is nowhere to be seen. 

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